Newcastle Kart Racing Club


Code Of Conduct


This is the Code of Conduct formulated by the Committee of Newcastle Kart Racing Club Inc (NKRC) in accordance with clause 44 of the Club’s Constitution. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is the promotion of an atmosphere amongst the members of NKRC which encourages good sportsmanship, consideration and respect for others.

This Code of Conduct was adopted by the Committee on the 24th April 2013.


Members and Staff of NKRC shall:

1. Not, by written, spoken or electronic word or by action bring the Club into disrepute.

2. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all persons regardless of their gender, abilities, religion or cultural background.

3. Use their best endeavours to promote NKRC and the sport of kart racing.

4. Adhere to Karting Australia’s rules of racing and policies.

5. Not impose undue pressure upon a Cadet, Rookie or Junior competitor.

6. Encourage Cadet, Rookie and Junior competitors to respect Karting Australian Officials, Track Officials, Club members, volunteers and their fellow competitors.

7. Not, by intentional or non-intentional acts, damage, misuse, misplace or remove NKRC property or assets.

8. Not, by intentional or non-intentional acts, perform acts in contravention of current Workplace, Health and Safety laws.


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NKRC Constitution